How to Find VPA in Google Pay

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Google Pay is a reliable digital wallet through which we make our transactions successful. It also looks after the security concerns of its users. In case we need to receive or deliver money without sharing our mobile number, QR code or bank details due to privacy. Here, VPA of Google Pay enables us to make transactions without sharing our details. But many of us don’t know about how to find VPA ID in google pay. Keep learning. This article will guide you in a comprehensive manner. 

What is VPA Address in Google Pay ?

VPA stands for Virtual Payment Address popularly known as UPI Id. Its general syntax will always be as abc@bankname where abc could be a combination of any letter either your name or your phone number. You can use your VPA for making online payment by sharing this code rather than sharing your other details. Since it is not mentioned as a VPA in Google Pay, we first need to know Where is VPA in Google Pay and How to find VPA address in Google Pay. Follow these 5 simplified steps to know how to check VPA in Google Pay.

How to Find VPA in Google Pay App

How to know VPA in Google Pay 

1. Open Google Pay application in your mobile and visit your profile section by clicking on the icon at the top right corner.

how to find my vpa in google pay

2. On this page, go to Bank Accounts. 

how to find vpa id in google pay

3. Select your linked Bank account.

4. And go to Manage UPI ID.

5. This is your VPA of Google Pay.

how to find my vpa id in google pay

Keep in Mind

  • VPA will not be visible until you do not link your bank account with Gpay account.
  • You can create your own VPA as per your desire. 
  • It will always contain your Bank Name as an identity.
  • You need not to share any other details if someone is asking to do it even after sharing VPA.

Now it has been cleared as you know how to check VPA in google pay and access your VPA of Google Pay easily.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What if I do not use my VPA regularly, can it be invalid after a period ? 

Ans: Your VPA will never get invalid until you delete your account permanently. 

Q: How does VPA support transactions? 

Ans: VPA acts as an address containing account details internally which is not visible to the sender. Thus, we can make transactions easily with VPA .

Q: What are necessary conditions for making payments using VPA? 

Ans: It is essential that the sender and receiver both have their VPA in their UPI app.


VPA not only secures your personal data but also provides advantages like fast and easy transactions, instant payments, no third party interference, no additional charges, keeps track of all transactions and tracks all previous payment details. 

I hope now you have very well understood how to find VPA in Google Pay and from now you will make online transactions without any hesitation on account of your privacy.  

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