Which is Better Swiggy or Zomato?

When it comes to ordering food, the thing that comes to mind is Zomato or Swiggy.

But which is better, swiggy or zomato?

There is no discrimination in our minds against any of these apps, nor does any one app pops up first in our mind when we think of food delivery. This is because both apps are very tough competitors of each other. They do not leave any chance for another app to look better.

And it gets us into a huge confusion. From where to order the food? Which one has the best prices, the best offers, and the best services? And in the state of hunger, our mind feels very tired to distinguish and analyze the pros and cons of the two. But do not worry we are here to help you out choose the best one. So, without being biased, let us compare and analyze both apps from all angles.


Both apps are downloaded by 10Cr+ people from Google Play Store. Swiggy is rated 4.5 stars and Zomato is rated 4.4 stars. Swiggy has 58L reviews while Zomato has 74L reviews approximately. Both apps have many good reviews as well as many bad reviews.

Features of the App

Swiggy and Zomato both have almost the same features, such as a separate option of offer zones which tells us about the restaurant’s amazing offers. It has a separate column for nearby top-rated restaurants and a separate column for the restaurants that deliver food faster. The time of delivery is also shown below the restaurant.

You can search for the food that you are craving or the restaurant that you like. You can also apply various filters that would make your search easy and convenient. 

Also, both apps have grocery, fruit, and vegetable delivery facilities. Both apps help you to discover restaurants and check menus and rates of food and also book a table in advance.

Swiggy provides you the facility to order raw meat if you feel like cooking the meat yourself with your recipe. Swiggy has started a new feature of Genie. Many times a situation strikes when we forget our important documents at home or we forget our tiffin box. Now we will not have to worry in such situations as Genie is there to help us in these situations. Genie will make your important items reach you from your home and will make sure your work does not stop in any situation.

Zomato has a different feature of “recommendations” it refers you a restaurant and food concerning your previous order choices. Zomato also provides a separate option for “healthy food” so that you can order healthy food as well.

Zomato also leads you to order from a different and faraway city. But currently, only a few cities and restaurants are listed on the app. The app recommends you the famous food of the city and makes it available to you. So you can now eat the famous “Rasgullas of Kolkata” sitting in Delhi.

Food Delivery Service

Rates of the food from the same restaurant are the same in both apps. But the offers they provide may vary a little. There is no more difference in the offers but for the same order from the same restaurant, it is found that Swiggy proves to be cheaper by 40 to 50 Rs as compared to Zomato. And if you are a student this makes a remarkable difference.

Both apps are flexible with delivery instructions. For example, they will not ring the bell or leave the order with the guard on your pre-delivery instructions.

Zomato provides one extra facility of cooking instructions for your food.

Both apps provides the feature to “order for someone else” which is not present on Swiggy. This feature proves to be very helpful if you want to help your loved ones. Also, both apps provide the option of COD or you can also pay online.

Order Cancellation Policy

Swiggy gives the time of 60 seconds to cancel the order in case you have ordered it by mistake. But Zomato does not provide this feature and also if you tried to cancel the order they do not refund the money. But if your order is COD they will charge the money to your next order. So order cancellation policy of Swiggy is way better than the Zomato.

Grievance Redressal

Both the apps have grievance redressal mechanism but most of the time proves ineffective. And the customer may have to face loss of money or bad service.

Market Position

Zomato was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. Zomato has begun in a small part of India and now has become an MNC serving more than 20 countries. It has acquired many other companies now, including Blinkit and also its rival Uber Eats’. The company has faced many ups and downs in all its way but ultimately has reached the great heights that no other food-delivering company can compete with Zomato shoulder by shoulder.

Swiggy was founded in 2014 by Shruharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini. It is an Indian company and does not provide service outside India yet. But Swiggy has also acquired a few small companies. And continues to be one of the best companies in India. Although being 6 years younger than Zomato, Swiggy competes hard with Zomato and has managed to become one of the best companies in India.

Which is Better Swiggy or Zomato – Conclusion

So, if you want a cheaper option you can choose Swiggy. Also if you are a moody person who will any time feel like canceling the order again you should go with Swiggy. 

But if you want to add any cooking instructions, like if you are allergic to any item and don’t want the restaurant to add the thing to your food, you can go with Zomato. Also, if you want to order a specialty from some other city you must go with Zomato.

So, now you know the answer for this question: which is better swiggy or zomato.

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